Schooley Caldwell was hired to design renovations to the Tuscarawas County Courthouse dome. Because we completed all of the required repairs under budget, Tuscarawas County was able add new lighting to the scope of the project as well. Construction was complete in 2018.


Dome Restoration

The exterior dome restoration included the following major categories of construction work:

  • Selective demolition, stone masonry restoration (including patching and dutchman work), masonry  repointing, ornamental metal, architectural sheet metal restoration and replacement, painting, standing seam copper sheet metal roofing replacement, and joint sealants

  • Removal and disposal of existing materials removed or demolished

  • Temporary facilities as required for the project, including building scaffolding, and protection of existing building


New lighting now illuminates the four exterior sides of the building as well as the bell tower and dome. The work generally included:

  • Installation of new lighting fixtures, conduit and control wiring

  • Selective repair where building penetrations occur for lighting requirements

  • Lighting control system start-up, final aiming at night, scene setting, and training

  • One night-time mock-up on site

  • Temporary facilities as required for the project including building scaffolding

Dome 4.jpg
Dome 3.jpg


101 E High Avenue
New Philadelphia, OH 44663