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Residential + Mixed Use

It's what happens inside a building that is what’s most important: great conversations, learning, living, and growing. But the physical space itself goes a long way toward enabling connection, and this is where we come in.

Historic Preservation

Schooley Caldwell has 75 years of experience envisioning the possibilities that lie within historically significant buildings. It’s a unique expertise that requires understanding of complex and time-honored systems—and technical and design know-how.

Educational + Student Housing

In just the past six years, Schooley Caldwell's experience includes over $600 million in student housing projects for public and private universities.

Civic + Cultural

We excel at working in front of a watchful, engaged audience. We are accustomed to—in fact, we thrive on—doing projects for and in front of the community to which they belong.


If you're an architect or an interior designer

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Coming soon to the Brewery District…

477 S. Front Street

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Pelotonia has raised over $185,000,000 YTD for cancer research. 100% of the money raised by riders goes directly to the James Cancer Hospital and Research Center at The Ohio State University.

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