Melinda Shah

Architect, Vice President & COO

Melinda is an architect specializing in historic preservation and renovation design. In her role as a Project Manager and/or Project Architect, she works closely with the entire design team and the owner to ensure that the design is correctly translated into documents and that the drawings and specifications are complete, thorough, clear, and concise. She also coordinates the work of our consultants and engineers to incorporate their design and documents into the Construction Documents. Melinda received a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture and a Master of Architecture degree, both from the University of Cincinnati, where she had the opportunity to co-op with other design firms and gain significant experience in preservation design before graduating. In addition, she received a Certificate of Historic Preservation from the University of Cincinnati.

Melinda is a Clintonville resident and is active in the community; she serves on the Clintonville Area Commission Preservation Committee and is also a member of the Ft. Hayes Preservation Program Committee. Melinda owns the house she grew up in and has lived on her street longer than all but three of her neighbors. She also throws great Halloween parties and heads up our annual Canstruction team, which builds a sculpture made entirely of canned goods that are then donated to a local food bank.


Recent Projects