The scope of this project involved exterior renovation and restoration to the 1895 Wyandot County courthouse, which contained various roofing types, including copper and a membrane roofing system that replaced the original roof.

Schooley Caldwell was hired as the Criteria Architect to determine the exterior work needed to remedy the water infiltration and damage that was occurring. We performed a detailed assessment of the building (including metallurgic, infrared, and structural surveys, as well as core sampling). Following the assessment we developed the scope of work, which included removal of all existing membrane roofing and wood decking, removal of all remaining cinder concrete deck on the main roof including the gable roofs, new metal decking, new insulation, and new EPDM membrane roofing system.

Other work included repairs to existing copper roof and gutters, repairs to the tin-roofed domes and gutters, and masonry repairs.


Wyandot County Board of Commissioners

Midstate Contractors



109 South Sandusky Avenue
Upper Sandusky, Ohio 43351