Lee Dunfield


Lee Dunfield recently joined Schooley Caldwell as a project manager and project architect. Before coming to Schooley Caldwell, Lee was a project architect for several years at a firm in Cincinnati where he worked on a number of notable projects, including the renovation of the Cincinnati Art Museum (Art Academy Wing), the renovation of Procter Hall at the University of Cincinnati, and the American Red Cross Cincinnati Headquarters.

Lee earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master of Architecture from University of Cincinnati, and is both a registered architect in the state of Ohio and LEED accredited. He and his wife, who is also an architect, recently bought their first house in Upper Arlington, and, naturally, they are doing major renovations to it. Despite both being architects, they’ve been able to amicably arrive at design decisions.

When he’s not working on house projects, Lee likes to spend his free time drawing and painting. He sketches buildings like a good architect, but he also enjoys painting portraits of people’s pets!


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