Jeff Leemhuis

Architect, Director of Specifications

Jeff is responsible for the creation and coordination of all Schooley Caldwell’s specifications and production of project manuals. He researches materials for their use in ongoing and future projects, oversees quality control issues related to construction documents, and is responsible for the maintenance of the firm’s product and reference standard library. He is also in charge of setting up “lunch and learns” and other educational opportunities for our staff, to encourage and facilitate continuing education amongst all team members.

One of Jeff’s special areas of interest is working with technical and education committees of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) to provide assistance with technical documents and manuals. Jeff was a contributor to CSI’s Instructors’ Guide to Written Construction Documents, a curriculum for teaching specifications writing and project manual preparation. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Architecture and Environmental Design degree from Kent State University, and is a registered architect in Ohio as well as a Certified Construction Specifier.

Somehow Jeff does manage to find free time – he designs and builds furniture and is a ham radio operator (we joke that he speaks Morse Code as a second language).