Civc + Cultural

Public architecture is one of our specialties. That doesn’t just mean work that is paid for by tax dollars; it means that our work is done in front of a watchful, engaged audience. We are accustomed to—in fact, we thrive on—doing projects for and in front of the community to which they belong. We embrace the challenge of designing civic and government facilities that serve as sources of pride for communities.

Educational + Student Housing

Our work for higher education institutions includes master planning, renovating existing buildings to better serve the programs they house, upgrading technology, and designing repairs to building exteriors. And in just the past 6 years, Schooley Caldwell's experience includes over $600 million in student housing projects for public and private universities in Ohio.

Residential + Mixed Use

Schooley Caldwell's vast experience with residential and mixed-use buildings allows us to help owners maximize their investment and attract quality tenants. These buildings are a reflection of their community, and as such, they must be approached as unique projects each and every time.

Historic Preservation

Schooley Caldwell has become nationally recognized for historic preservation, as giving new or continued use to an old building through high-quality design is something we are passionate about. We've built a solid reputation for success in planning cost-effective and sensitive work that preserves the character of a building while turning it into something modern and functional.